Viviane Torinelli

Co-Founder Brazilian Alliance of Sustainable Finance and Investments (BRASFI); Guest Professor FDC for Sustainable Finance and Investment

Prof. Viviane Torinelli is an enthusiast for strategic decisions and process improvement practices that lead to a more sustainable world. She has over 20 years of professional experience in risk management, control, audit, compliance and assessment of businesses and companies (mainly for M&A), in the public and private sectors, in Brazil and abroad. She is a PhD focused on the exposure of the international reserves to environmental risks and the alternatives for risk management by central banks. She is a Co-founder of BRASFI, the Brazilian Alliance for Sustainable Finance and Investment, and a Professor at FDC for Sustainable Finance and Investment.

Additionally, Torinelli was a member of the former Research and Innovation Committee of the Brazil Green Finance Program (Cooperation with the United Kingdom), a participant of the FiBraS Project – Sustainable Brazilian Finance (Germany Cooperation) and is a member of the Innovation Chamber for Sustainability of the Climate Change Panel of Salvador (a resilient city R100 and a city C40 from the climate leadership group)