Fully autonomous real-world reinforcement learning with applications to mobile manipulation

In this blog post, we will discuss ReLMM, a system that we developed that learns to clean up a room directly with a real robot via continual learning.
22 February 2023, by

RoboHouse Interview Trilogy, part II: Wendel Postma and Project MARCH

Project MARCH is a non-profit student team. Each year a new team develops a new robotic exoskeleton, building on what came before. This year it wants to create the world's first self-balancing exoskeleton.
19 February 2023, by



Shaking Up The Sheetmetal Industry, with Ed Mehr

Conventional sheet metal manufacturing is highly inefficient for the low-volume production seen in the space industry. At Machina Labs, they developed a novel method of forming sheet metal using two r...
17 February 2023, by

Robot Talk Episode 37 – Interview with Yang Gao

In this week's episode of the Robot Talk podcast, host Claire Asher chatted to Professor Yang Gao from the University of Surrey all about space robotics and planetary exploration.
17 February 2023, by

Top 5 robot trends 2023

The stock of operational robots around the globe hit a new record of about 3.5 million units – the value of installations reached an estimated 15.7 billion USD. The International Federation of Robotics analyzes the top 5 trends shaping robotics and automation in 2023.

Learning challenges shape a mechanical engineer’s path

Recent alumnus James Hermus wants to help others overcome barriers to accessibility and full participation.
15 February 2023, by

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RoboHouse Interview Trilogy, part I: Christian Geckeler and the origami gripper

Monitoring forest canopies is notoriously difficult, with sensor placement a complex struggle for researchers. The origami gripper may well be a solution.
12 February 2023, by

Robot Talk Episode 36 – Interview with Ignazio Maria Viola

In this week's episode of the Robot Talk podcast, host Claire Asher chatted to Professor Ignazio Maria Viola from the University of Edinburgh all about aerodynamics, dandelion-inspired drones, and swarm sensing.
10 February 2023, by

Engineers devise a modular system to produce efficient, scalable aquabots

The system’s simple repeating elements can assemble into swimming forms ranging from eel-like to wing-shaped.
07 February 2023, by

Microelectronics give researchers a remote control for biological robots

First, they walked. Then, they saw the light. Now, miniature biological robots have gained a new trick: remote control.
05 February 2023, by

Robot Talk Episode 35 – Interview with Emily S. Cross

In this week's episode of the Robot Talk podcast, host Claire Asher chatted to Professor Emily S. Cross from the University of Glasgow and Western Sydney University all about neuroscience, social learning, and human-robot interaction.
03 February 2023, by

Sea creatures inspire marine robots which can operate in extra-terrestrial oceans

Scientists at the University of Bristol have drawn on the design and life of a mysterious zooplankton to develop underwater robots.
02 February 2023, by

Our future could be full of undying, self-repairing robots – here’s how

Could it be that future AI systems will need robotic “bodies” to interact with the world? If so, will nightmarish ideas like the self-repairing, shape-shifting T-1000 robot from the Terminator 2 movie come to fruition? And could a robot be created that could “live” forever?
01 February 2023, by

Sensing with purpose

Fadel Adib uses wireless technologies to sense the world in new ways, taking aim at sweeping problems such as food insecurity, climate change, and access to health care.
29 January 2023, by

Robot Talk Episode 34 – Interview with Sabine Hauert

In this week's episode of the Robot Talk podcast, host Claire Asher chatted to Dr Sabine Hauert from the University of Bristol all about swarm robotics, nanorobots, and environmental monitoring.
28 January 2023, by

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