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Recent News from Woxsen University

Recent news from Woxsen University: exciting new programs, faculty internships and entrepreneurship, and student MBA publications Faculty Internship and Faculty Entrepreneurship: Nurturing the Entrepreneurial Spirit at Woxsen University Woxsen faculty internships offer an exceptional opportunity for professors to step out of their academic roles and delve into the practical aspects of entrepreneurship. By immersing themselves… Read more >

Woxsen University News

Woxsen University’s School of Business awarded EFMD MBA Program Accreditation Woxsen University’s School of Business has recently been conferred the EFMD MBA Program Accreditation, making it one of the select few business schools in India to receive this prestigious accreditation. This recognition is a testament to the quality of education offered at the School of… Read more >

The Business of Science: The Importance of Science in Business and the Benefits of Studying STEM

Science and business are often viewed as separate disciplines, but the truth is that they are intrinsically linked. Scientific research has led to some of the most significant technological advances in history, and businesses that embrace scientific principles can gain a competitive advantage in their industries. Leading universities like Woxsen recognize the importance of STEM… Read more >

Woxsen University announces the Outstanding Ministerial Service Award to Dr. Jean-Claude Juncker

I am pleased to inform you that Woxsen University has proudly announced the “Outstanding Ministerial Service Award” to Dr. Jean-Claude Juncker, former President of the European Commission. This award recognizes Dr. Juncker’s exceptional contribution to the society as a distinguished leader in the Eurogroup.Dr. Juncker has an illustrious career in politics and has served in… Read more >

Woxsen University Breaking Barriers in Energy: Exploring New Horizons

Woxsen University’s School of Sciences and School of Business are proud to announce the Energy Symposium 2023, scheduled to take place in May 2023. The symposium will feature an array of speakers from diverse fields, including academia, government, and industry. The symposium aims to bring together leading minds and innovators to discuss and share insights… Read more >