Nicole Clarisse Zefran

Director, Membership & Development


Nicole manages communications, online web presence and administration for GBSN’s events, projects and programs. As the Director of Membership & Development, Nicole is responsible for developing and facilitating programs, projects and initiatives to engage GBSN’s network of stakeholders. From attracting fresh talent to developing next-generation leaders — business and education both have a role to play as we move from conventional schooling to lifelong learning. Development, growth and impact are achieved through collaboration (across sectors and disciplines), so at GBSN Nicole works to foster cross-border networking and knowledge sharing across a network of stakeholders who share a commitment to a common mission. She enjoys working with people from different backgrounds and is motivated by the belief that multi-stakeholder collaboration is essential to a globally connected world.

Shifting demographics, along with the rise of technology and automation, are changing the way we work — and the way we learn. Currently, through the pandemic, she has been focusing on her own learning and development. Taking short courses, earning certifications, reading more and learning new skills related to home improvement projects and crafting. Nicole is a proud Filipino-American based in Washington D.C. In her spare time, she binge watches true crime documentaries, attempts various DIY projects and works to improve her culinary skills.

Nicole has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Ohio University with a focus on both public relations and organizational communication. She recently earned a Masters in Public Relations and Corporate Communications from Georgetown University. Next, Nicole plans to pursue a business degree, exploring the variety of options available, whether its an Executive MBA or specialized masters program.